Production of wooden ice-cream sticks

Production of wooden ice-cream sticks
What is it?
Ice cream packed in carton or plastic cups and without spoon in the set is completed with a wooden stick. How is it possible that wooden sticks are used everywhere in ice cream production, despite the fact, that nowadays contact between wood and foodstuffs is considered unacceptable?
The following points are taken into account during the ice cream sticks production process.
1. Beech and oak wood is used because it has a neutral taste, a suitable pore structure and a smooth surface.
2. Bark and damaged parts of the tree are removed.
3. A special irrigation method is used when storing tree trunks. It helps to reduce material loss.
4. Wet tree trunks are processed in steam tube ovens at 100 ° C for 3-7 days for drying, softening and stretching.
5. Tree trunks undergo electronic quality control before baking in the oven. Refuse tree trunks are thrown into the furnace to maintain the required heating level of the furnace.
6. Tree trunks are sawn into small pieces. These parts are transformed into plates under pressure from the press.
7. The plates are cut into sticks according to the specified dimensions.
8. The sticks are polished to prevent physical danger. Then they are immersed in a wax-paraffin mixture in order to be protected against microorganisms.
9. The sticks undergo electronic quality control.
10. The sign and drawing marking is made on the sticks not with ink, but with burning.
Thus, the technological process, starting with the selection of raw materials, thermal processing and ending with the processing of wax-paraffin mixture, makes ice cream sticks safe for use in the food industry and distinguishes them significantly from other wooden products.

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Production of wooden ice-cream sticks

Ice cream packed in carton or plastic cups and without spoon in the set is completed with a wooden stick. How is it possible...